Georgia Tech Savannah Campus History

In 1998, Georgia Tech began offering local degree programs to engineering students in southeast Georgia, and in 2003 it opened its regional campus in Savannah. The Savannah campus offered undergraduate (B.S.) and graduate degrees (M.S., Ph.D.) in four engineering majors: Civil, Computer, Electrical and Mechanical.  Freshmen and sophomores started at one of nearby universities (Armstrong Atlantic State University, Georgia Southern University, or Savannah State University) and completed their coursework the Savannah campus earning Georgia Tech regional degrees.

Task Force

Starting in fall 2010, Georgia Tech Provost Rafael Bras assembled a task force charged with reviewing future programs at the Savannah campus. With an eight-month review process complete, the Georgia Tech-Savannah (GT-S) Task Force presented its findings to President G. P. “Bud” Peterson. The report, “Defining a Path Forward for Georgia Tech-Savannah,” is a comprehensive review of the coastal campus and the Georgia Tech Regional Engineering Program (GTREP). On Wednesday, June 15, 2011 President Peterson accepted the report in its entirety.

These actions will require a gradual transition that will take time to complete and will provide every current and admitted student in the program the ability to obtain a Georgia Tech degree.

The Path Forward

After an extensive review in 2011, Georgia Tech-Savannah will transition from offering undergraduate degree programs to focusing on becoming an international destination for professional education, including professional master’s degrees. Employing top faculty and researchers, Georgia Tech Professional Education will engage professionals, companies, and governments to deliver world-class training and education options that achieve immediate high performance results.

Georgia Tech-Savannah will continue its highly acclaimed K-12 outreach efforts to encourage and inspire regional students to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields.

The Savannah campus will continue to have a strong presence in Southeast Georgia and is in the process of creating a new academic and operational model that will better serve the region. A portfolio of programs is currently in development ranging from co-curricular undergraduate activities to instruction for the military, as well as executive and other non-credit education programs to professional master’s degrees.

The Future of the Savannah Campus

Georgia Tech Professional Education will provide programs that tie the global strengths of Georgia Tech with local and regional assets to better provide education to industry partners, businesses and military organizations, as well as visitors and students from abroad.

About Georgia Tech Professional Education

Georgia Tech Professional Education mission is to develop an educated workforce that is prepared to lead our industries and communities. The division has global impact by supporting economic development via commercialization, innovation and advancing knowledge through research and discovery.

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