GTREP Student Transition Plan

As Georgia Tech undergraduate programs in civil, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering are transitioned from Savannah to Atlanta, the Institute is committed to supporting students as they complete their Georgia Tech degrees.

GTREP, an engineering transfer program to Georgia Tech-Savannah, will be replaced by RETP, which is a transfer program for the Georgia Tech Atlanta campus.

GTREP students in the pipeline at partner schools should follow the RETP requirements to transfer to Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus to complete their degrees.

OPTION A - Steps to Transfer via RETP

OPTION B - Steps for Regular Transfer Process

Additional Information on RETP Program

Armstrong Atlantic State University

Cameron Coates, Ph.D.

GTREP Coordinator

Engineering Studies

Phone: (912) 344-2693

Georgia Southern University

Shonda Bernadin, Ph.D.

GTREP Coordinator

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Phone: (912) 478-0539

Savannah State University

Jonathan Lambright, Ph.D.

GTREP Coordinator

Engineering Technology

Phone: (912) 356-2218

Georgia Tech-Savannah

Margaret Sapp

Academic Advisor II

Phone: (912) 963-5452
Building-Room: EDRB 246

Georgia Tech

Aaron Gamboa

Georgia Tech Financial Aid (Atlanta)

Phone: (404) 894-1959

Amy Clines

Georgia Tech Office of Undergraduate Admission (Atlanta)

Phone: (404) 894-4154