Member Companies

  • Attrasoft is an Image-Recognition Search Engine company which eliminates the descriptive image word tagging process used today.

  • Code Grail removes the complexities associated with software development and makes software creation a viable option for everyone.

  • Evoca is an innovative audio web services company that makes it easy for mainstream users to create, organize, share and search audio recordings.

  • Mad Genius Games is a mobile media and game development company.

  • Omega Energy Systems is developing a metal air battery which is superior to existing batteries.

  • Packtrak has developed a real-time mobile tracking system for package/service deliveries to customers.

  • Peer Loft is creating a digital collaboration platform for design professionals.

  • Pixelphish  develops high-end training applications for the corporate and general aviation industries.

  • rappidAppis a real-time content management system for mobile apps that provides a platform for non-developers to create custom native mobile apps.

  • Storm Shelter Electronics provides automatic disconnect solutions to protect people and their valuables from lightning.

  • Tour Buddy’s App Builder Web application allows organizations to create their own apps for iPhone/iPad and Android operating systems. 

  • Twitch Technologies specializes in the development of intuitive, user-friendly keyboard designs for computers, PDA’s and mobile electronic devices.

  • Urban Planet Mobile provides education and information products created specifically for delivery via mobile phones

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