Emergency Preparedness

In today's ever-changing climate, awareness and planning are our best defense against hazardous conditions. Georgia Tech Savannah is committed to providing emergency response plans to ensure the safety of the Tech community.

To prepare for crisis incidents at Georgia Tech Savannah, the Institute conducts vulnerability assessments on facilities throughout campus and continually reviews preparedness and response procedures to enhance campus safety. For example, plans are in place to address incidents ranging from natural disasters to bomb threats. These plans are routinely exercised with local first responders including the Savannah-Chatham County Police Department, the City of Savannah Fire Department, and the Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA). In addition, campus first responders, emergency personnel and building managers are committed to participating in ongoing safety education to help improve preparedness and response capabilities. Like other institutions in the University System of Georgia, Georgia Tech is also part of the Board of Regents’ emergency operations planning committee.

While Georgia Tech has emergency measures in place to support basic operations, whether you are on campus or at home, you must have your own tools and plans in place to make it on your own.

Hurricane Season

In the event that a hurricane threatens coastal Georgia and South Carolina, Georgia Tech Savannah will initiate procedures to ensure the safety of students and employees.  It is critical that you remain informed of the status of the storm and the Institute's response. Before, during and after a storm, you are encouraged to check the university's website for updates and cancellation of classes and events. 

Emergency Blue Light Phones

Evacuation Plans and Procedures

Georgia Tech Savannah will utilize various procedures in the event the campus needs to be evacuated.  GTSENS and other campus communication, including this web site, will be used to share important information during that time.

Chatham Emergency Management Agency

The Mission of the Chatham Emergency Management Agency is to protect lives and property from the threat of all types of major emergencies and disasters, both natural and manmade. This shall be accomplished by providing community-wide leadership, guidance, support and coordination in the areas of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Georgia Tech Emergency Action Plan

The purpose of the Georgia Institute of Technology Emergency Action Plan is to establish policies, procedures, and an organizational structure for response to emergencies. The Plan incorporates operating procedures from the National Incident Management System for handling emergencies resulting from fires, floods, storms, hazardous material incidents, terrorism and other potential disasters.
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