Room Reservations

Due to an increased demand in utilization of room resources, the IT department has changed the scheduling procedure from a local client model to Zimbra (MyGatech) Calendar.  Below you will find the list of rooms available to reserve. Each room is a video conference enabled room on the Georgia Tech - Savannah campus.  You can determine the availability of rooms and reserve a room via Zimbra by following the instructions below.



Meetings Facilities have precedence in these rooms.  As such, if you book the room, please be aware that you may have to adjust your reservation.  When you are notified you will have 24 hours to respond so that arrangements can be made.  If you do not respond, it will be assumed you no longer require the reservation, and the booking will deleted with no further contact.


ALL CLASSROOMS: Academic classes have precedence in all distance learning classrooms.  As such, if you book a room before the class schedule is entered for the term, your reservation will be deleted, and you will be notified.


  • EDRB 169 (seats 21)*
  • EDRB 244 (seats 20)


  • ELAB 21 (seats 24)*
  • ELAB 38 (seats 24)*


  • PARB 126 (seats up to 60)*
  • PARB 127 (seats 18)*
  • PARB 128 (seats 18)*
  • PARB 129 (seats 11)
  • PARB 227 (seats 32)
  • PARB 239 (seats 20)

Conference Rooms:


  • EDRB 253 (seats 12)


  • PARB 118 (seats 2)
  • PARB 119 (seats 6)
  • PARB 120 (seats 6)
  • PARB 154 (seats 10)
  • PARB 255 (seats 50)*

Academic Labs:


  • EDRB 164
  • EDRB 168
  • EDRB 176
  • EDRB 177
  • EDRB 178


  • ELAB 2
  • ELAB 18
  • ELAB 26

Repair Request

Any faculty or staff member in need of office or plumbing repairs must first complete the "Repair Request Form". For emergency conditions such as broken pipes or power outages notify Jay Harper at 966-7923.

Key Request and Waiver Form

All faculty, staff, and students are capable of requesting keys for certain classrooms and labs on campus upon completion of the "Key Request Form". A waiver is also required to be submitted to the Lab Manager, Lee Tillman.


Monday through Friday 
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Jay Harper

Facilities Manager
Phone:(912) 966-7923
Building-Room: PARB 138

Parking Permits

Faculty, Staff and Students are required to obtain a parking permit.  Go to the office PARB 266 which is located inside PARB 265 and ask how you can purchase a parking permit.