EDRB 244 (seats 20)

EDRB 244 Calendar

EDRB 244 is a Distance Learning Classroom based on two Polycom HDX 9004 H.323 codecs.  This unique classroom, when operating in dual codec mode, can transmit and receive two video channels as well as one content channel.  Currently dual codec mode is only available when connecting to Van Leer 461.  The room also functions in a "traditional" mode which utilizes only one codec.  EDRB 244 is HD capable when connected at 1 Mbps or higher. The IP addresses of EDRB 244 are (primary) and (secondary).


  • Two Polycom HDX 9004
  • Front Displays: Two 50" Plasma's and Two 1080p Projectors
  • Rear Displays: One 52" LCD
  • Two HD Cameras (front and rear)
  • PC with Tablet Monitor
  • Document Camera
  • Laptop Connection
  • DVD Player
  • H.239 (dual stream) Capable
  • AMX Control System
  • Seats 20